NoFap Benefits: Powerful Reasons To Quit Porn

    Some of the NoFap benefits that I’ve heard from my clients sounded too good to be true. Surprisingly, over time as I helped more and more men quit porn I realized these benefits are very real. Quitting porn leads to immeasurable NoFap benefits that make you feel somewhat of a superhero. 

    Does quitting porn really make your life better in every single way? Will it get you a girlfriend? Are you going to get a new job promotion? Is scaling up your business a NoFap benefit? 

    Simple answer is no. It’s 100% your own doing. But quitting porn does give you a serious boost to reach your goals faster, better, stronger. I’ve seen it with numerous clients. From my experience, men often reach big milestones and make transformational changes right after they get rid of their porn dependency. 

    NoFap Benefit #1: Mental health boost

    At the beginning of your journey you will most likely feel worse for the first week or so. This is because your body and mind are going through the withdrawal phase. Sticking through is not easy, but getting to the other side is worth it. 

    You will soon feel less anxious and finding joy in little things becomes easier. Overall mood elevation, feelings of accomplishment and gratitude are common. Improvements are gradual and the timeline is different for each individual. With confidence I can say that each client I’ve worked with has improved their mental health significantly by quitting porn.

    NoFap Benefit #2: Clarity

    Having a clear mind with sharp focus at your disposal makes all the difference. It’s a highly underappreciated mental state considering it’s exactly what sets apart high-achieving individuals from those who are… not. If you are going to take away one thing from this post, let it be this. It’s very rare to have a clear mind in a world full of people distracted by porn, social media and everything else that eats away your attention span.

    It allows you to make good decisions faster, without endless overthinking. Mental clarity creates a domino effect that helps you manifest your goals, reduces anxiety and keeps you confident in your cognitive abilities. Good news is you’re going to see the first signs of reduced brain fog as soon as 30 days after quitting porn. 

    NoFap Benefit #3: Growth Mindset 

    What even is this growth mindset that everyone talks about? In short, people who have the growth mindset believe that they can always continue to better and develop themselves. These individuals understand that if they put in hard work, use a good strategy and accept input from others they will inevitably achieve a lot. On the other side of the spectrum you have people who have more of a fixed mindset. These people believe that they can’t achieve certain things because they lack time, talent, money or else. Having a growth mindset means you realize that you can change and learn if you put the work in. It’s an energy source that just keeps on giving, because it relies on input instead of motivation. That being said, not everyone develops this mindset on their NoFap journey, but I’ve seen it happen plenty of times.

    NoFap Benefit #4: Dopamine System Regulation 

    Dopamine system consists of nerve cells and dopamine, a neurotransmitter that sends messages back and forth between these nerve cells. I won’t geek out on you more than that, but it’s important to understand that dopamine is responsible for the way we get aroused, feel pleasure, how motivated we feel, confidence and overall happiness.

    Watching porn causes dopamine dysregulation which causes for a lower quality of life. It impacts how you do everything. Luckily, our bodies are machines that can take a big beating. That’s why even years of dopamine dysregulation can be fully reversed within a couple of months.

    After you stop feeding your brain overstimulating levels of dopamine and go through the withdrawal phase, you will soon find joy in simple, regular day to day activities. There is nothing better than feeling good in your own skin. It’s worth fighting for.

    NoFap Benefit #5: Sex health

    Porn creates a number of psychological issues regarding sexual performance. For starters, it sets unrealistic expectations of what sex should look like. It’s no secret that porn is wildly unrealistic, but what we don’t talk about are the standards set for both men and women. Real life sex in most cases doesn’t look or sound like porn. You shouldn’t expect the performance levels of a pornstar from either yourself or your partner. On the contrary these silent set expectations can make sex very awkward. 

    Porn makes fake sex convenient, therefore subsconciouslly programming our brain to think that getting it is easy. Hence the frustration we feel when girls reject us, when our girlfriend’s head hurts, when the wife doesn’t want it. Relationships are hard and having sex is biologically one of the greatest short term pleasures nature rewards you with… after you put in a lot of work. Good news is that even after one month of NoFap you will be better at sex & you’ll enjoy it more.

    Once you’ve successfully quit porn, you’ll find yourself looking at women differently too. Soon normal girls will look more beautiful, and you will crave deep, empathic connections. Women won’t be an object of desire, but potential partners to share the beauties of life with. 

    For the true sex health benefits to come over time, you need to allow your brain to slowly rewire what it considers normal. Bottom line, you need to give your brain time to reprogram itself and slowly start understanding sex for what it truly is. Even though finding the right partner might take effort and time, it offers so much more than porn ever could. Plus it’s healthy! 

    NoFap Benefit #6: Confidence

    Confidence can look many ways. Sometimes it’s nothing more than self-acceptance and self-respect. Understanding that in this very moment you are who you are and you deserve to be treated with respect by yourself and others. Other times it’s the clarity of knowing that you are willing to face whatever life throws at you. Understanding what your capabilities are creates the feeling of security, and therefore confidence.

    Clients who struggle to quit for years are most often insecure and unaware of their capabilities. Inability to quit porn causes individuals to feel powerless, but since those feelings are hard to deal with on a daily basis, I’ve seen it lead to a victim mentality. Victim mentality can escalate into self-sabotage and therefore people get stuck in a cycle that repeats over and over again.

    Finally stepping in full control over your emotions and actions is a powerful feeling. Combined with other benefits (especially #7) it really boosts your confidence like nothing else.

    NoFap Benefit #7: Attraction

    Quitting porn undoubtedly makes you more attractive. Women can smell this new found confidence and appreciation you have for yourself. The whole world can see that now, instead of primarily caring about what others think of you, you place a higher priority on your own opinion. This independence of thought and actions speaks for itself. Women sense you’re not a needy person who’s going to be overly submissive to them. It’s attractive. They feel your passion to grow and better yourself. They feel that you live in reality instead of some fantasy to escape reality. It’s obvious to them you’re looking for a human connection and passion, so they don’t feel objectified. As well as sensing your assertiveness, which is a highly masculine trait that gets taken away when you watch porn.

    NoFap Benefit #8: Energy 

    One of the most common benefits is feeling more energized. Well, this isn’t a surprise at all since once you start the PMO detox your body stops wasting energy to produce semen. Our bodies evolved to handle the energy needed to mate, but definitely not for high-speed internet. Another thing is, men naturally produce prolactin when releasing sperm which causes you to feel very tired. There’s a correlation between chronic PMO and overproduction of prolactin that signals to our brain to keep us in an almost comatose state of being. So after a couple of weeks of NoFap, you will allow your brain to rebalance your hormones and suddenly you’ll feel high energy boosts. 

    There’s many other benefits to look forward to, so if you haven’t started your journey yet, feel free to schedule a call with one of our top coaches to discuss your strategy on how to quit porn for good.