Joshua Hudson

Josh Hudson is a licensed therapist who specializes in helping men overcome their porn addiction.

Porn Addiction Withdrawal

Porn Addiction Withdrawal

Consuming pornography heavily impacts our brain’s reward system. This habit makes it hardwired into our brain that getting overstimulating levels of dopamine is not only normal, but needed. Quitting porn equals going on a dopamine detox. As you start unwiring this negative brain pattern you will most certainly face difficulties. As fast as 24 hours… Read More »Porn Addiction Withdrawal

How To Quit Porn

Another No Nut November has come upon us and hundreds of thousands of guys are on their day #1 of no PMO. We all have different motives behind why we participate, but nobody can deny that the spirits are high. We’re all motivated to crush it this month, so I’m taking the opportunity to make… Read More »How To Quit Porn