About Dopamine Discipline

Dopamine Discipline is your top source on how to overcome soul destroying porn dependency for good. Learn how to fully recover and change your life in the process. My mission is to help as many men as possible and I'm fully aware that there are hundreds of men who can't afford to join the program. To connect our community into one, I've created this special blog where I'll be sharing exclusive information available to everyone.

Expect new posts every Monday at 9AM EST, to help you get a fast start on the week ahead and help you stay strong on your journey. While you're waiting for the next post, feel free to check out the latest video on my YouTube channel!

Hope my words inspire true change within you.

Josh Hudson, LMFT

About Josh Hudson

Josh Hudson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) living in San Diego, California. He has completely dedicated his life to helping men overcome different obstacles so they can reach their full potential and live happier, more fulfilled lives. Josh specializes in coaching men who are struggling with low self-esteem, porn dependency, as well as those with social and relationship anxiety. Since he started in 2014, Josh has helped thousands of men completely transform their lives. When not working, Josh spends his time playing soccer, recording YouTube content and networking with local high-performing individuals.